My Path to Design

As an ESFP personality type in the Myers-briggs test, long-term planning was not exactly my strength. Therefore, my path to design took many detours.

As captain of the volleyball team in Secondary school, it opened doors for me to enter Victoria Junior College. However, I felt really out of place and decided to appeal into Temasek Junior College. I had an amazing three months there and met many wonderful people. After that transitional period, I decided at the very last minute to go into Temasek Polytechnic and took Biomedical Informatics and Engineering. First year into the course, I knew this was not what I wanted to do but I went ahead to get my diploma anyway.

When it was time to decide on further education, I realised that many of my past decisions were based on what I did not want and moving away from that, instead of what I wanted and moving towards that. This was how I went into fashion design.

I understand how lucky I am to be able to have had the freedom to make these decisions and how it may seem fickle of me. However, I think these lessons made me who I am today. There’s a part of me that never wanted to stick with traditions and maybe this is how I find my way in this world.

Design is an integral part of life. It is also one of the most amazing ways to experience how each individual interpret beauty. How each designer draw inspiration is also unique. For me, I gain great inspiration from emotions and feelings and that is what drives me. How the unseen can be interpreted into something physical is something that I challenge myself with in design.

Life is filled with excitement and passion, it is also filled with pain and uncertainty, do not shy away from these emotions. Recognise them, acknowledge them and find peace in them. You are only human when you feel. Never let anyone bring you down and believe in your own strength and abilities.

I will keep this in mind as I go on my production trip next week. It has been a tough week for me emotionally, but you know what, I am still standing and I am looking forward to continue learning from my decisions and create a brand that is authentic to me.

With Love,
Location: Singapore

Eve Tan
Eve Tan


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