Two Words That Changed My Life

The most dangerous way to live is to be safe. As we grow older and learn our own ways into adulthood, our fear of failure creeps up on us and the endless what ifs haunts our minds and stops us from trying anything.

There are many moments in my life that I’ve had this mind numbing emotion that is fear. Simple things like singing in front of a live audience in a restaurant, doing a 600km motorbike road trip with little experience, and even starting this blog I found myself with questions like “what would people think?”, “what if no one cares?”. The common thread that links all this events is the satisfaction and growth that comes when you flick that switch in your mind to just do it. This is the good fear.

I quote Whitney Johnson, “If we cannot connect the need to transform our constraint with an emotional reason why it matters, we won’t have the stubborn adaptiveness and creative tenacity when our initial solutions hit setbacks. You’ll want the full range: fear, frustration, excitement and love.”

I am definitely experiencing the full range of emotions when I decided for a relaunch. There was a great deal of time where I spent thinking too muchand dwelling on the what ifs and now I am at a point where the fear of not trying and giving my best is overpowering everything.

This intense emotional experience is what spurred me to start this blog in the first place. As I enter into my 30s, I see more people around me starting to question what they really want to do in life and their place in this world. The status quo checklist of being an adult and settling down is putting pressure as though it is a checklist for success and as you grow older, these golden handcuffs start to tighten and then before you know it, hello midlife crisis.

Don’t get me wrong, there is absolutely nothing wrong with flowing with status quo if that makes you happy. We are all entitled to our own individual choices and opinions and I respect that. What confuses me is when I see people living a life they complain about, that they need to “escape” from and the fear of failure undermining one’s potential.

The idea of doing what you love is not the easiest or most comfortable path to take. Those who have embarked on this journey have a deep rooted emotional connection to have their voice heard and a vision so strong that they’re willing to suffer for. There will be times when you feel alone, vulnerable yet empowered at the same time and through this you get close to the very core of who you are.

I am trying everyday, moving towards my vision, mentally and physically. Sharing this journey with you towards my next launch, I got to admit, is nerve-wrecking, but I hope that somehow, through this, it can inspire you to go for that dream you have at the back of your mind. Ask yourself, “What if I never tried?”.

Two simple words from my mentor I hold very dear to my heart and I wish to share them with you today. Hopefully it will impact and inspire you the same way it did to me. He said, “Eve, Don’t Settle”.

With Love,
Location: Singapore

Eve Tan
Eve Tan


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