Embarking on a 600km Motorbike Trip

There are some things in my life that I never thought I could do, this is one of them. I am embarking on a 600km motorcycle road trip around the breathtaking Mae Hong Son Loop in Thailand.

I reflected on how all this came to this point. It all started with my curiosity of riding a bike mixed with an interest to learn a new skill for life. I personally started to love the freedom on a bike as I went through the course and I am so glad I got my license. 
This road trip was not planned in advance, so was Chiang Mai. The spontaneity to take life stride by stride brought me to this point and I can’t help but smile when I am able to say YES to an experience like this. As you read this post, I will be on my way to my first stop of the loop, Mae Sariang.

There were mixed reactions when I decided to learn to ride. The persistent warnings about how it is not you but the reckless drivers around that may cost you your life were common reactions I got. Then I realised, you can never control other’s opinions, but you can control yours and the things you want in life.

Fear is a crippling emotion. After reading the different experiences of individuals, I saw that the idea of travelling and discovery has now become a world of tripadvisor and reviews. As great as that is, their experience will never be mine. Sure there are certain dangers with riding, but there is really no point focusing on that isn’t it? Being aware and prepared on the road is something that you can control, everything else is beyond. So why not put yourself out there and enjoy the ride.

Same with life. When you let other’s opinions and beliefs dictate your own, you are never going to form a self. Your growth comes from lessons, your lessons come from decisions. Dare to make the decisions and have no fear.

I am not an avid rider. I do not even own a bike back home, but I enjoyed riding more than I thought I would. So why am I doing the Mae Hong Son loop? Because I want to experience it and because I can. I have always enjoyed travelling away from the busy city life into nature. The contrast in lifestyle reminds me to slow down, to take in the moments and enjoy being alive in this beautiful creation called Earth. I draw inspiration from that and I know I am going to complete this journey with a big smile in my heart.

I wish to share these inspiring moments with you and I will be updating my journey on instagram @evetan_moments as I move. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do.

“He shall cover you with His feathers,
And under His wings you shall take refuge;
His truth shall be your shield and buckler.” Psalms 91:4

With Love,
Location: On the road towards Mae Sariang, Thailand

Eve Tan
Eve Tan


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