My Disruption

One of the greatest hobbies that I picked up through the years was reading. Books on self-improvement and entrepreneurship have great insights and advice that triggers certain thought processes in your own being.

One of the books that hit real close to home was “Disrupt Yourself” by Whitney Johnson. I came across this one randomly and picked it up because I was drawn to the title and that it was written from a woman’s perspective.

“Most of us are brimming with confidence, even competence to change the world. It is vital that we are also equipped with the humility to understand that changing the world and keeping innovation alive require that we change ourselves. Let’s not risk having a lofty dream because we think we deserve it”

This paragraph, as simple as it is, set the tone for the read. She wrote about how entitlement, the belief that something is owed to you by life, was the innovation killer and one way to avoid cultural entitlement was to immerse yourself in a new culture.

I felt stuck in the cycle of things in Singapore and I was unable to push my own boundaries. I knew it was time to Disrupt myself.

I have always wanted to work as I travel and I knew it was going to free the mind and soul. After a considerable time of just talking and discussing about it, it became clearer and clearer that having this thought alone was not going to change anything. There is a difference between knowing the path and walking the path and that was why I bought a one way ticket to Cambodia.

Why Cambodia as my first stop? This decision was an easy one because I found peace in the hearts of Cambodians the last time I was here. (would love to share more soon). It was in line with the core so naturally it was going to be my first stop.

So here I am, documenting my thoughts and experiences as I work towards the launch of my next.

The hope is to inspire others to do the same, to be driven by discovery and to disrupt yourself.

“As you look to tip the odds of success in your favour, beware of the undertow of the status quo…”

With Love,
Location: Battambang

Eve Tan
Eve Tan


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