I Failed

As I sit here, at the lobby of my guesthouse, with the sound of the streets and a loud ticking clock hanging right above me, almost as if it’s reminding me about how time is moving even when nothing else does, I wonder to myself with a strange mix of frustration and joy, why did it take me so long to get here?

So what is here?

I launched my brand in April 2011 and was eager to materialize a vision, to create a great product to share it with the world. Diving into it was exciting and I was, dare I say, fearless. I felt like I was the “chosen one” to be able to be my own boss, that I knew everything. This ego was fuelled by the doors that were open to me and considerably good results very early in the game.

The stress to feed that ego and to hit sales targets started to over power the core and I started to feel disconnected with the brand, the customers, myself.

With a sense of desperation to reconnect, I took the opportunity to open up a retail store with three other partners. Trying to make the store work, so that my brand could work. From the hope to reconnect to distraction and banging at all the wrong walls. I left the partnership mid of 2014.

Embarking on this journey has given me the valuable opportunity to meet many inspiring mentors and those relationships allowed me to see life with a very different set of eyes.

Taking a step back to plan my next move has been truly an amazing journey of self awareness and belief. You ask yourself the simplest questions and you dig deep into your heart for the purest answers.

The problems or challenges in life, personal or not, does not and will not define you. Life does not choose you, you choose your life, you choose you. It took me the whole of 2015 to figure this out and I will continue to strive to do so.

Like carving a statue out of a block of stone. As simple as every cut from a chisel, it is crucial to make each step count. There must be patience and mindfulness in moulding your own being. I’ve found peace in acknowledging that I’ve failed in my first startup but that will not define me and with this, came a refreshed mind and a renewed spirit in my life that is so precious. This is my here.

“Faith does not deny difficulties. Faith is not reckless. It faces difficulties and looks through it to God”

With Love,
Location: Siem Reap

Eve Tan
Eve Tan


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