Unexpected Life Lessons From my Motorbike Trip in Thailand

Here I am, back in Chiang Mai after a seven day road trip around the Mae Hong Son Loop. It still feels surreal that I did it and it was an experience that i will hold dear to my heart. The MHS Loop was such a joy to ride! The jaw dropping landscapes at every turn and the change in temperature as you go up and down the mountains were exhilarating. It made me feel so alive and connected to nature. Doing a seven day trip allowed me to explore the small towns along the way and it was what made this trip extra special.

This is not a travel blog and I am not going to go into details of where I stayed or try to explain how beautiful and amazing the sights were. (If you have any questions please feel free to email me at evetan2501@gmail.com. If you’d like to check out pictures of my journey, do follow me on Instagram@evetan_moments . )
I am, however, going to highlight an experience that hit me right in the heart.

When I Fell Three Times in a Row
Granted that this was my first time on the road after I got my motorbike license, there was a part of the journey where I fell, not once, but three times in a row. I was not interested to check out the waterfalls during this loop, however, the entrance to Susa waterfall was conveniently located along the road. I was already near midpoint of my entire road trip and was gaining confidence with my bike control until this off road experience.

The road was pretty manageable for the first 5 minutes, then there was a steep decline with very uneven roads filled with loose sand and gravel. It was here where I fell for the first time, and the second only about 1 minute after, along the slope. With each fall, my confidence dropped and I started to have self doubt if I could do it. I was scared. Each time a scrambler passes me, I started to blame the fact that I was riding a scooter and it was not meant for terrains like this. That it was impossible.

As I went along nervously, I hit the brakes hard when I saw that I had to cross a body of water. There I fell the third time. During this time, two local girls on a scooter went pass me. I can hear myself screaming “What?”. I realised that I created my own limitations as I dwelled on every fall. I picked up my bike and decided to reset my thoughts and went through the trail. I stopped falling after that. We did not manage to reach the waterfall though as we underestimated the distance and were running out of petrol.

Although the falls were minor, it disrupted my mind and caused me to lose confidence. When that happens, you lose control physically. It reminded me how powerful it is to be in a mental state of self-belief. This state of mind is not arrogance, it is confidence. With every fall, pick yourself up and move forward. It will be ok.

I believe that the experiences you have in life are put there with lessons to help you grow. As simple as riding each turn on the road, you got to keep your line of sight ahead of where you want to go to flow with the road.
Just like life, knowing what you want and keeping that vision in sight, every action you take will flow in its direction and you will eventually get there. To feel absolute freedom on a bike, you got to have control. To have absolute freedom in life, your mind, body and soul have to be in line and at peace. These moments grows the heart. Never take them for granted.

Will I do another road trip on a motorbike after this? Absolutely!

With Love,
Location: Chiang Mai, Thailand

Eve Tan
Eve Tan


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