The Purpose of My Production Trip

With dry and sensitive skin, the touch and feel of a garment is very important to me. Therefore, when I launched my label, I was determined to source for the softest and most comfortable fabrics. My main priority was to create beautiful pieces with great quality fabrics because everyone deserves to feel utmost comfort while looking stylish. 

With this in mind, elaborate designs were second priority. That was never my style anyway. I saw beauty in simple and tasteful designs. I knew my brand was not going to be for the runway. It was for the woman who exudes a quiet charm. 

I have been creating collections using the cut and sew method. Which means that parts of a garment are cut out separately on a rectangular piece of fabric. When the pieces are cut, the remaining fabrics will be discarded. I have always been uncomfortable with the wastage because I appreciate good quality fabric and none of it should go to waste. 

Therefore, for my next launch, I was determined to eliminate waste and go to the root of all great quality fabrics, the yarns. All knitwear will be fully fashioned. Fully fashioned knitting produces custom pre-shaped pieces of a knitted garment, therefore eliminating remnants of fabric that would be left after cutting from a rectangular piece of fabric.

I am now on my production trip to start creating samples. I wanted to touch and feel the fabrics to source for the best quality yarns and go through the entire manufacturing process from yarn to garment. As I learn more about yarns and knitwear, I am falling deeper in love with clothing. It is not wasteful, it is not superficial. It is well thought and well made. 

To know that I am moving forward with a determined vision that clothing can be something treasured and well kept, excites me and pushes me to create. Most importantly, I hope to make the world a better place and to provide you with utmost comfort and peace of mind by eliminating waste and using 100% natural yarns of the finest quality to produce my knitwear.

With Love,
Location: Hong Kong

PS: I will be sharing the journey of my production trip on instagram @evetan_moments. 


Eve Tan
Eve Tan


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