Are We Moving Backwards?

With the political scene in America and its entire buzz, I feel compelled and overwhelmed to share my thoughts. I was never really into politics but this election pulled a string in my heart. It was beyond politics, it was humanity, empathy, grace and poise crumbling before our eyes at the most respected seat in the world.

I have always felt that deep human connection is fading in this day and age. Where you actually look the person in the eye and have a conversation. An individual had depth and character. It is disheartening to see judgment, racism and superficial criticism between people. We are all human and we are all different. Why waste your energy trying to tell someone else how to live when you can build your own.

“Everyone seems to have a clear idea of how other people should lead their lives, but none about his or her own.” – Paulo Coelho

I understand that when you put a computer in everyone’s pocket and with the influence of social media, it is easy to go into your own little space. You no longer need to face conflict head on when you had an opinion nor will you feel the need to wander and discover the undiscovered. Nope, I am not a sceptic. I just choose not to live that way…at least I try not to.

Despite this, it is a great platform to share your thoughts and views. Never once were we able to share information to a greater audience as effective as we can now. But when your self worth is tagged to the number of likes, it's time to disconnect to reconnect. Not just with others, but with yourself. 

This is why I have a strong connection to the things that I do. An emotional one. You choose what you want to do and who you want to surround yourself with. When the world becomes noisy, you recognise the quiet even more. With the rise of the ME-llenials, you start to recognise the selfless. When superficiality is everywhere, you seek and appreciate deep emotional connections. There is a strong but quiet bond there that is precious because it is rare.

The ideals to make America great again sure feels like a step backwards in humanity. Instead of building relationships, you are building walls. We can all try to reason and understand why he won, but his mannerism should not be magnified or exemplified.

During this time of divide, I pray for empathy, simple joys and deep love. The world looks up to the ideals of the American dream. It inspires people to create and to move the world. There is freedom of the mind and soul and with that, you can achieve greatness.  Holding on to that, let every word and action you make be of meaning, understanding and empathy.

With Love,
Location: Singapore

Eve Tan
Eve Tan


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