Thank you California

I think a part of me never wanted to settle at one place. I love to be moving, experiencing new cultures and listening to new stories in quality conversations and this trip to California was no different.

With every travel, I am always grateful for what the place has to give. It’s never of material things, it’s the emotional connections and mental barriers that are revealed and reminded.

I think with the sheer size of the country, the conversations you have as you move around are also naturally on a world scale. There’s a great sense of hope that you are able to impact and make a change. With that, I find it heartwarming that these conversations were about love, peace and joy.

The ideals of life are simple. However, simple does not necessarily mean easy. I think it is dangerous when an individual does not take time and effort to recognise that it takes time and effort to achieve simple.

If you are not truly honest about who you are, there will be a strong disconnect between your actions and your words. You are not completely yourself and when that happens, there is no peace.

I find myself constantly having the urge to write about this because I really wish for everyone to experience that inner peace and pure joy, to see the good in everyone and every situation because LIFE is beautiful. It may seem overly optimistic or naïve, but I think there is deep strength in that.

When you eventually reach that place, there is security and confidence wherever you are and in whatever you do. You’ll also find it easy to let the little things go and to handle challenges and frustrations with grace. You'll understand simple. 

As I sit here in San Francisco International Airport waiting for my connecting flight back to Sg, I am writing this post with a smile on my face and my heart filled with gratefulness for the life I'm given.

Thank you California, for your kindness and free spirit.

WIth Love,
Location: San Francisco, California

Eve Tan
Eve Tan


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