We Can Do Better

With social media, news spread fast, opinions even faster. The recent historical event of UK leaving the European Union has caused quite a stir in me. Not just the obvious impact on the economy, but a deeper issue of xenophobia. I can’t help but feel a disconnect to the world. There’s a strange mix of frustration and amusement when I see the rise of xenophobia in this time and age.

If you were to fly into space and look down on this tiny little sphere that is Earth, is it so hard to understand that we are all just sharing this world? That the differences we have that make us unique should be embraced with love, respect and kindness? I always thought this simple idea would be easily appreciated today because of how accessible we are with the world, then you have Trump running for president which just throws you off.

The world feels so divided. Who are we to decide who’s better, who deserves help or even who deserves to die. Who are we to judge. Why do we frown at a struggling mom with a crying baby instead of recognising the miracle of life? Who are we to decide what’s right or wrong for another person when we all have our own way of life?

It’s fascinating that sometimes the pursuit of peace is simply staying still. As I move forward with the samples and when hiccups happen along the way, you will get shaken and tested and it’s easy to dwell in frustration. It is human and everyone has their own way of coping with challenges and setbacks. It’s important to figure out yours. Don’t try to have someone figure that out for you.

Working on the relaunch on my own has its ups and downs, an exciting and scary rollercoaster ride. You get to spend time with your thoughts, connecting your heart and mind in beautiful solitude. With that, you start to recognise the right people to share them with and how you want to shape your life.

Life is beautiful in all its colors, even the darker ones, they’re here for a reason – Chris Martin.

Recognise and embrace that deep within. Spread positivity and joy. Stop the ugliness of hate and negativity.

The world can do better, we can do better. Be strong, be kind. The stranger next to you is as human as you are.


With Love,
Location: Singapore

Eve Tan
Eve Tan


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