Designed with Peace . Made with Love

Eve exudes a quiet charm in her designs with beautiful drapery, exquisite knitting details and relaxed silhouettes.

Drawing inspiration from the vastness and serenity of nature, she translates peace and comfort from these moments to an individual, not just physically but mentally.

Therefore, in all that we do, we bring consistency in quality and style and most importantly to create a connection with you so that when you put on an eve piece, you will recognise peace.

 “I want women to feel strong and free, fun and lively. Age is just a number, what matters most is the spirit. Let that spirit run free and experience the world with an open heart. With this believe, I wish to translate that into clothing and have everyone experience that freedom that they deserve.” - Eve


100% Natural Materials.

Made with the finest quality yarns, we use 100% Fine Merino Wool for my products because of its premium quality and properties.

Soft - Merino fibres are extremely fine which makes it luxuriously gentle on the skin
Warm and Cool - keeps you warm when the weather is cold and cool when the weather is warm.
Static resistant - drapes beautifully and does not cling to your body
Odour resistant - Absorbs the odours from sweat and releases it during washing
Wrinkle resistant - Each merino fibre is like a coiled spring that returns to its original shape after being bent
Natural barrier to UV - Better protection than most synthetics or cotton


Eliminate Wastage

Every piece is fully fashioned, which means that individual parts of the garment are customised to the exact specifications and knitted together. Fully fashioned knitting cuts down on the amount of material used to make a garment and eliminates wastage caused by cutting individual pieces out of a rectangular piece of fabric.
Every style is also produced in limited quantities to adapt closely to customer’s demands.

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