Hi, I’m Eve,
Travelling the world and experiencing nature and culture has been my passion, so is design. I strongly believe that travelling is a state of mind. It is a sense of being and connection of the mind, body and soul. You start to grow a strong inner peace, and with that, no matter where you are, you are home.

I gain strong inspiration with that idea of peace. Travelling into nature reminds me to slow down and with that, you gain a strong understanding of who you are.

In this time and age, fast fashion is slowly consuming the beauty and value of a thoughtfully made garment.

It is amazing how much comfort a garment can bring, not only physically, but mentally as well, and my goal is for you to experience it through my brand.

I want women to feel strong and free, fun and lively. Age is just a number, what matters most is the spirit. Let that spirit run free and experience the world with an open heart. With this believe, I wish to translate that into clothing and have everyone experience that freedom that they deserve.

With Love,